After my first session as your client I was mesmerized! You made me feel like I was talking to my big brother who understands everything, listens, cares and has my best interest in mind. I was blown away by it! Not to mention that the issues I worked on with you throughout our sessions were resolved one by one. I still try to figure out how you do it!

-Margaret L.

Coaching with Prentiss has been amazing – he brings so much depth and sensitivity, compassion and soulful spark to his sessions … giving his clients space to move forward, in their own pace, whether with an intricate business issue or a spiritual quest.

-Ingrid Kasper

It is a joy to work with Prentiss Alter. He uses a unique blend of deep intuition, connection to the truth of who I really am, and courage in calling out my power. He challenges me to achieve slightly more than what I ever think I’m capable of, but with his help, I have achieved every great vision we have worked on together. I highly recommend him!

-Alina Yurkovsky

Coaching with prentiss enhanced my relationship with my daughter. He helped me connect with what I needed in a new way, which is now an active part of how I think about and make decisions in this relationship. I am now more proactive in taking care of myself, while fully loving her.

– LuRae Lumpkin

Prentiss has been a real gift in my life. When we began our first session I was a bit skeptical (that’s just my nature) but he began to ask me questions about the problem I was facing that not only helped me to see what was blocking me from moving forward but also opened up a whole new realm of possibilities which I had never even dreamed of. It was incredibly exciting. Since then he has continued to help me turn my “problems” into an exciting challenges with amazing consistency.

– Christopher Timm